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SA Rosebud Home

Stronger Together. Never Alone. Kentucky Women's Sober Living Community

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About SA Rosebud Home

Never Alone

You’ve already made the most difficult decision: to seek help. You’ve chosen to tackle your addiction issues head on and rebuild a healthy lifestyle for yourself. And you’ve made progress! But with everything else in life seemingly stacked against you—employment, housing, and other basic needs—you’re left wondering… what’s next for me?


SA Rosebud Home is the answer you’ve been waiting for!

SA Rosebud Home is a comprehensive residential transition living program dedicated to helping you begin your new drug-free life and reenter society as a contributing citizen. Where you once felt powerless, we will empower you to take control of your circumstances and change your mindset for good. Our trained professionals will guide you on a 3, 6, 9, or 12-month program (including aftercare) of self-discovery and challenge you to be better everyday. 


We offer intensive outpatient therapy (IOP) and peer support for all enrolled in SA Rosebud Home, as well as daily activities to keep your mind and body productively engaged. Through our partnerships, we offer personal development software accessible 24/7 for task management and guided meditations, and access to our local non-profit network for added support in every aspect of life. Most crucially, we assist you in seeking and gaining new employment, ensuring you can transition safely back to everyday life. And best of all? Where most transition housing requires immediate payment, closing off opportunities to many in need, SA Rosebud Home requires NO deposit.  


So why wait? The future depends on what you do today. Give us a call for an assessment to get started!


Founder S.N. Khan


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